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1. What is iMuzDB?

iMuzDB is an internet service aimed to provide music lovers the best entertainment and information related to artists and songs.

2. Where iMuzDB gathers its information?

From several data sources thru the Internet, like Wikipedia, Wikimedia, DBPedia etc. iMuzDB also receives contributions from it's users, which are previously verified one by one before them appears on the Web site.

3. How does iMuzDB works?

iMuzDB gets in sync with many external databases, and uses robotics and Artificial Intelligence to crawl, sort, filter, group and do the classification of these information, feeding it’s production database. The most part of the work is made by these robots, without any human interaction. These robots works continuously, always keeping the iMuzDB database larger, reliable and better for user’s enhanced experience.Nonetheless, due to the robotic work, there are chances that some mistakes or misinformation appears on the Web site. We ask our users to warn us about these events, so we can act to correct the information.

4. Do I need to be a registered user to use iMuzDB features?

No, you don’t. You can use almost the majority of the iMuzDB’s services without being a registered user. Only these services that, for its nature, require user identification (like posting a comment or submitting an abstract) are available only to registered and logged-in users.

5. Can I contribute to iMuzDB?

Yes, you can. You can do it by posting comments, rating artists, albums or songs, or submitting abstracts or lyrics for approval. Doing the last ones, the credits for your contribution will appear on the corresponding Web site page, if you request so.
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