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Bob Dylan - New Morning

Artist:Bob Dylan

Length:36min 23sec

Recorded:June–August 1970

Released:October 19th, 1970


Labels:Columbia Records


Genres:Country Rock

Producers:Bob Johnston

Categories:1970 Albums · Album · Bob Dylan Albums

Bob Dylan - New Morning

New Morning is the 11th studio album by Bob Dylan, released by Columbia Records in 1970.

Coming only four months after the controversial Self Portrait, the more concise and immediate New Morning won a much warmer reception from fans and critics.

Most welcome was the return of Dylan's more familiar, nasally singing voice, which had not appeared on record since John Wesley Harding in 1967 In retrospect, the album has come to be viewed as one of the artist's lesser successes, especially following the release of Blood on the Tracks in 1975, often seen as a more full return-to-form.

It reached #7 in the U.S., quickly going gold, and gave Bob Dylan his 6th UK #1 album.

The album's most successful song from a commercial perspective is probably "If Not For You," which was covered by George Harrison, who had played guitar on a version of the song not released until 1991's Bootleg Series Volume 2, and was also an international hit for Olivia Newton-John in 1971.

The song was also included in Dylanesque from Bryan Ferry
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Album´s Tracks:

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