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Bob Dylan - Infidels

Artist:Bob Dylan

Length:42min 10sec

Recorded:April–May 1983

Released:October 27th, 1983


Labels:Columbia Records


Genres:Rock And Roll

Producers:Bob Dylan

Categories:1983 Albums · Album · Albums Produced By Mark Knopfler · Bob Dylan Albums · Columbia Records Albums

Bob Dylan - Infidels

Infidels is Bob Dylan's 22nd studio album, released in 1983 by Columbia Records.

Produced by Mark Knopfler and Dylan himself, Infidels is seen as his return to secular music, following a conversion to Christianity and three evangelical, gospel records.

Though he never publicly renounced his faith or abandoned religious imagery, Infidels gained much attention for its focus on more personal themes of love and loss, in addition to commentary on the environment and geopolitics.

The critical reaction was the strongest for Dylan in years, almost universally hailed for its songwriting and performances.

The album also fared well commercially, reaching #20 US and going gold, and #9 in the UK.

Still, many fans and critics were troubled by several songs inexplicably cut from the album just prior to mastering - primarily "Blind Willie McTell", considered a career highlight by many critics, and not officially released until it appeared on The Bootleg Series Volumes 1–3 eight years later.
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Album´s Tracks:

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