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Cypress Hill - Till Death Do Us Part

Artist:Cypress Hill

Length:49min 38sec


Released:March 23rd, 2004




Genres:Hardcore Hip Hop

Producers:The Alchemist

Categories:2004 Albums · Album · Albums Produced By The Alchemist · Cypress Hill Albums

Cypress Hill - Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death Do Us Part is the seventh studio album by the Latino rap group Cypress Hill.

This album showed Cypress Hill experiment with a reggae sound - especially in the lead single; "What's Your Number?" that sampled the bass line from The Clash song "The Guns of Brixton." Another song, "Ganja Bus" features vocals from Damian Marley (son of Bob Marley).

Also, "Latin Thugs" has a distinctly Latin feel.

This CD is known to have two different cd covers (artwork): One is in sepia and pictures a statue of a Christ crucifiction scene.

This version is found in Europe and Japan.

The other is a black and white cover with the "Old" logo on it.

It has a square of thorns and roses around it.

This version is mostly found in the USA regions.
No videos yet.
Album´s Tracks:

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