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Bob Dylan - Desire

Artist:Bob Dylan

Length:56min 8sec

Recorded:July–October 1975

Released:January 5th, 1976


Labels:Columbia Records



Producers:Don DeVito

Categories:1976 Albums · Album · Bob Dylan Albums · Columbia Records Albums

Bob Dylan - Desire

Desire is singer-songwriter Bob Dylan's 17th studio album, released by Columbia Records in 1976.

It is one of Dylan's most collaborative efforts, featuring the same caravan of musicians from the acclaimed Rolling Thunder Revue tours the previous year (later documented on The Bootleg Series Vol.


Most of the album was co-written by Jacques Levy, and is composed of lengthy story-songs, two of which quickly generated controversy: the over 11-minute long "Joey", which is seen as glorifying the violent gangster Joey Gallo, and "Hurricane", the opening track that tells a passionate account of the murder case against boxer Rubin Carter, whom the song asserts was framed.

Carter was later released - but not exonerated - on appeal more than twenty years later.

A well-received follow-up to Blood on the Tracks, Desire reached #1 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart for 5 weeks, becoming one of Dylan's top-selling studio albums (currently certified double platinum), while reaching #3 in the UK.

It claimed the number one slot on NME Album of the Year.
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Album´s Tracks:

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