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Phish - Undermind


Length:50min 52sec

Recorded:May 2002–March 2004


Labels:Elektra Records



Producers:Tchad Blake

Categories:2004 Albums · Album · Albums Produced By Tchad Blake · Phish Albums

Phish - Undermind

Undermind is Phish's thirteenth and most recent album, released on June 15, 2004.

Phish collaborated with producer Tchad Blake on the album, their first time with a producer since 1998's The Story of the Ghost.

Early copies of the album included a DVD with the documentary Specimens of Beauty, a behind the scenes film on the making of Undermind, directed by Danny Clinch.

Trey Anastasio announced on the Phish website that the band was breaking up just one month before this album was released.
No videos yet.
Album´s Tracks:

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