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Phish - Junta


Length:2h 2min 48sec

Recorded:Euphoria Sound Studios in Revere, Massachusetts, 1988





Genres:Jazz Fusion


Categories:1988 Albums · 1992 Albums · Album · Double Albums · Phish Albums

Phish - Junta

Junta is Phish's third studio venture, recorded and released in 1988 but not officially hitting stores until May 8, 1989.

The album was later released on October 26, 1992 by Elektra Records.

It is considered by many to be the group's masterpiece, containing symphonic-like epics, large-scale improvisation, and multi-part progressive rock suites.

"Union Federal" was recorded at Paul Languedoc's home during one of the band's okipa ceremonies.

"Sanity" and "Icculus" were recorded live in concert at Nectar's in Burlington, Vermont on July 25, 1988.

According to members of Phish, the title of the album is pronounced JUNE-tuh (or alternately, JUHN-tuh), with a hard "J" sound.

The album was certified gold by the RIAA on October 9th, 1997 and was certified platinum on July 7th, 2004.
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