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Bob Dylan - Another Side of Bob Dylan

Artist:Bob Dylan

Length:50min 37sec

Recorded:Columbia Studios

Released:August 8th, 1964


Labels:Columbia Records



Producers:Tom Wilson

Categories:1964 Albums · Album · Albums Produced By Tom Wilson · Bob Dylan Albums · Columbia Records Albums

Bob Dylan - Another Side of Bob Dylan

Another Side of Bob Dylan is Bob Dylan's fourth studio album, released in 1964 by Columbia Records.

Consistent with its title, the album marks a shift away from the more overt, issue-oriented folk music that Dylan had previously been gravitating toward, dominating his previous LP, The Times They Are A-Changin'.

This break from traditionalist roots prompted sharp criticism from influential figures in the folk community.

Sing Out! editor Irwin Silber famously complained that Dylan had "somehow lost touch with people" and was tangled up in "the paraphernalia of fame".

Most critics outside of these circles, however, praised its innovations in songwriting, which would have a tremendous influence on such legendary rock acts as The Beatles.

Despite the major thematic changes, Dylan still performed his songs solo, with acoustic guitar and harmonica, and even piano on one song.

Another Side of Bob Dylan reached #43 in the US (although it eventually went gold), and peaked at #8 on the UK charts in 1965.
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