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Tori Amos - The Beekeeper

Artist:Tori Amos

Length:1h 19min 23sec

Recorded:June – November 2004

Released:February 20th, 2005


Labels:Epic Records


Genres:Baroque Pop

Producers:Tori Amos

Categories:2005 Albums · Album · Tori Amos Albums

Tori Amos - The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper is the eighth studio album by singer-songwriter Tori Amos.

It incorporates Celtic choirs and African drums, and gnostic themes from the Apocryphon of John.

Early reviews described the album as Amos' most lyrically accessible, noting that its lyrical content is more straightforward than the singer's previous work, which is laden in metaphors (even though The Beekeeper does contain its fair share of them).

Following its US release on February 22, 2005, The Beekeeper debuted at US # 5, making it Amos' fifth US Top 10 album debut and placing her in an elite group of women to have secured five or more US Top 10 album debuts.

The album deals with topics like death, adultery and romantic conflict, and makes brief reference to ancient Gnostic mysticism (although Amos' frequent reference to the Gnostic texts in interviews exaggerate its importance within the context of the album).

Following the death of her brother in November 2004, Amos wrote the closing track, "Toast", for last minute inclusion on the album, also adding the line "take this message to Michael" to the backing vocals on the title track.

The music is perhaps her most melodic, and saw a move towards a more groove-based sound, evidenced by the appearance of the London Community Gospel Choir on four songs and Amos' whirring B-3 Hammond organ which Amos says was a gift from her husband.

The album was praised in some quarters for being varied and musically adventurous, with Amos incorporating elements of funk and R&B, but for some, however, the album garnered some of her worst reviews.
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Album´s Tracks:

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