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Elliott Smith - Figure 8

Artist:Elliott Smith

Length:52min 6sec

Recorded:Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Released:April 18th, 2000




Genres:Indie Rock

Producers:Elliott Smith

Categories:2000 Albums · Album · Albums Produced By Rob Schnapf · Albums Produced By Tom Rothrock · Elliott Smith Albums

Elliott Smith - Figure 8

Figure 8 is the fifth studio album by American singer-songwriter Elliott Smith.

Released by DreamWorks Records on April 18, 2000, it became Smith's second release on a major label and the last album he would complete before his death.

It was recorded at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, Sonora Studios in Los Angeles, Capitol Studios in Hollywood, and Abbey Road Studios in London ("Stupidity Tries", "In the Lost and Found " and "Pretty Mary K").

The album was also released on double vinyl 12" on Bong Load Custom Records, and later rereleased by Plain Records in 2008.

It is also available as a digital download.

The title is thought to be taken from a song by Schoolhouse Rock!; Smith covered this song, but it did not make the final track listing.

Compared to Smith's earlier work, Figure 8 is more instrumentally ornate, and the lyrics are more impressionistic.

Smith described the songs on the album as "more...

fragmented and dreamlike".

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AlbumĀ“s Tracks:

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