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Beck - Stereopathetic Soulmanure


Length:1h 4min 43sec


Released:February 22nd, 1994




Genres:Alternative Rock

Producers:Gus Hudson

Categories:1994 Albums · Album · Beck Albums

Beck - Stereopathetic Soulmanure

Stereopathetic Soulmanure is the 1994 debut full-length album by alternative rock musician Beck, released on Flipside in 1994, a week before the appearance of his Geffen debut Mellow Gold.

The album comprises mostly home demos, live performances, and abstract noise experiments.

Although a lo-fi recording of largely anti-commercialistic nature, Stereopathetic Soulmanure is actually Beck's third official recording, released before the success of "Loser." Going completely unnoticed on its release, the album remains an interesting and sometimes bizarre curio for hardcore Beck followers.

Beck would soon return with another independent release, the plaintive and mostly acoustic One Foot in the Grave—his third album of 1994—before recording his major label follow-up Odelay.As of July 2008, Stereopathetic Soul Manure has sold 146,000 copies in the United States.
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Album´s Tracks:

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