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Beck - Guero


Length:1h 18min 48sec

Recorded:September 2003 –

Released:March 29th, 2005


Labels:Interscope Records


Genres:Alternative Rock

Producers:Dust Brothers

Categories:2005 Albums · Album · Albums Produced By Tony Hoffer · Beck Albums

Beck - Guero

Guero is the sixth major-label studio album by Beck, first released in March 2005.

It debuted on Billboard's Top 200 Album chart at #2 (where it went gold), and in the UK at #15 To date, this is Beck's highest charting CD.

It is seen by many reviewers as a return to the style of Odelay, his 1996 album, mainly because this album, like Odelay, utilizes production duo the Dust Brothers.

It also recalls Mutations in places with its Brazilian influences.

"E-Pro" was the album's first single, with "Girl" as the follow-up.

As of July 2008, Guero has sold 868,000 copies in the United States.
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Album´s Tracks:

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