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Beck - Golden Feelings


Length:42min 34sec




Labels:Sonic Enemy


Genres:Alternative Rock

Producers:Beck Hansen

Categories:1993 Albums · Album · Beck Albums

Beck - Golden Feelings

Golden Feelings (1993) was the first album released by Beck in his formative years.

Beck's previous release, The Banjo Story, derived from his demo tapes.

Later in 1993, Beck signed with Geffen Records and recorded his major label debut album, Mellow Gold, which was released the following March.

Initially only available on cassette, Sonic Enemy remastered the album and released it on CD in mid-1999.

They neglected to mention this to Beck, who was upset that they did so without his permission.

After he made his displeasure known, Sonic Enemy ceased to press any more copies.

Only 2,000 were pressed, causing the CD to become quite valuable.

“Special People”, “Trouble All My Days” and “Super Golden Black Sunchild” all appeared on the “Pay No Mind ” single and were taken directly from the album.

“No Money No Honey” was re-recorded for Stereopathetic Soulmanure.

“Totally Confused” was re-recorded and released on A Western Harvest Field by Moonlight and the “Beercan” single, among others.

“Mutherfukka” was re-recorded and retitled “Mutherfuker” for the “Steve Threw Up” single and Mellow Gold.

“Heartland Feeling” from the album was performed by Beck in a guest appearance on The Larry Sanders Show.
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Album´s Tracks:

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