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The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I

Artist:The Dismemberment Plan

Length:45min 7sec

Released:October 26th, 1999


Labels:DeSoto Records


Genres:Indie Rock

Producers:J. Robbins

Categories:1999 Albums · Album · The Dismemberment Plan Albums

The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I

Emergency & I is a 1999 album by Washington, D.C.

indie band The Dismemberment Plan, issued on DeSoto Records.

It was produced by J.

Robbins and Chad Clark.

Reviews for the album were generally very favorable.

For example, Pitchfork Media rated it 9.6 on a scale of 10, with a short review that read simply, "If you consider yourself a fan of groundbreaking pop, go out and buy this album right now.


Get up.

Go." Pitchfork then ranked it #16 on their "redux" version of Top 100 Albums of the 1990s list.

Similarly, an Allmusic review says, "The band's third full album is a firecracker, showing their at once passionate and sly approach to music—take in everything, put it back out, and give it its own particular sheen and spin—is in no danger of letting up."
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Album´s Tracks:

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