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Cat Power - Speaking for Trees

Artist:Cat Power

Length:1h 41min 39sec

Released:October 26th, 2004



Genres:Indie Rock

Categories:2004 Albums · Album · Cat Power Albums

Cat Power - Speaking for Trees

Speaking for Trees is a DVD/CD package released by the American singer/songwriter Cat Power (a.k.a.

Chan Marshall) on October 26, 2004.

The DVD contains footage of Cat Power singing and playing electric guitar in the countryside, filmed by Mark Borthwick in essentially a single, nearly 2-hour static shot.

It also features three short films by Borthwick, each set to a different song from Cat Power's 2003 album, You Are Free.

There are also three bonus videos on the DVD: "Maybe Not", "Free" and "Half of You", all three directed by Mark Borthwick, all set on a beach.

The CD contains the single song "Willie Deadwilder," an 18-minute outtake from the You Are Free sessions which features M.

Ward on guitar.
No videos yet.
AlbumĀ“s Tracks:

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