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Rammstein - Ohne dich


Length:28min 36sec


Released:November 22nd, 2004


Labels:Motor Music Records

Genres:Tanz Metall


Categories:2004 Singles · Medium · Rammstein Songs

Rammstein - Ohne dich

"Ohne dich" (Without you) is a power ballad by German band Rammstein from the album Reise, Reise.

It is seen as expressing mourning over the loss of a loved person.

It was released as the third single from the album on 22 November 2004 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Other countries' releases followed up from that date.

It follows a slow, even romantic ballad style.

The central motif is 'Without you, I cannot be, without you..., With you, I am also alone, without you...'The single includes as its 6th track the so-called beta version of what should have been part of Mutter.

Indeed, Ohne dich was planned for Mutter, but then dismissed.

Both versions, the current and the beta version, are very similar.

Much of the instrumentation is the same for both versions, except the beta version has heavier drums and added electronic sounds while in the Reise, Reise version, the strings and oboe are more visible and Lindemann's voice is softer.
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Album´s Tracks:

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