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Rammstein - Mann gegen Mann


Length:8min 25sec


Released:March 3rd, 2006


Labels:Motor Music Records

Genres:Industrial Metal


Categories:2005 Songs · 2006 Singles · Rammstein Songs

Rammstein - Mann gegen Mann

"Mann gegen Mann" (German for "Man against man") is the third & final single from the Rammstein album, Rosenrot.

The song is about homosexuality.

The band members noted the ease with which gay people meet each other whereas heterosexual couples have to go through all the usual dating rituals.

The song is critical of societies' closed minded attitudes towards homosexuality and contains many metaphors about homosexuality.

Till repeatedly screams "Schwulah", a "stylised" version of ", in the background.

It can also be interpreted as the synonym "faggot".
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Album´s Tracks:

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