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Rammstein - Links 2-3-4


Length:21min 34sec


Released:May 14th, 2001


Labels:Motor Music Records

Genres:Industrial Metal


Categories:2001 Singles · Medium · Rammstein Songs

Rammstein - Links 2-3-4

"Links 2-3-4" (German for Left 2-3-4) is a song by the German Tanz-Metall band Rammstein.

It was released on their third studio album, Mutter, and its lyrics were written in response to allegations of fascism/nazism directed at the band.

In the song they say "my heart beats to the left, 2-3-4", meaning they are on the left of the political spectrum.

Also the repeated chant of 'Links' is like the old, 1930s, German Communist Party songs.

The song uses an alternate pronunciation of the German two, using zwo rather than zwei The form is the old female form of the numeral.

This pronunciation is chosen to counter confusion between zwei and drei, which rhyme.

Its English equivalent would be using "twe" for two, from twelve .

"Zwo" is also more commonly used within the German military, and this song presents a strong, militaristic theme.

The music video for the song uses CGI to portray the struggle of an ant colony against attacking beetles.

During the video, the band can be seen playing on a movie theatre screen.

There is also a right hand covered by ants near the end of the video reenforcing that the band is left-wing.

The single contains the non-album track "Hallelujah" which is about a pederastic priest.

There was a "Links 2-3-4" DVD released containing the Audio Tracks, as well as a Video Portion containing the Links Video, the Making of the Video and a Photo Gallery.

Though, the video and the making of can be found in the Lichtspielhaus DVD.
No videos yet.
Album´s Tracks:

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