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Rammstein - Herzeleid


Length:49min 28sec


Released:September 29th, 1995


Labels:Motor Music


Genres:Industrial Metal

Producers:Carl-Michael Herlöffson

Categories:1995 Albums · Album · Debut Albums · Rammstein Albums

Rammstein - Herzeleid

Herzeleid (dated German for "Heartbreak") is the German NDH-metal band Rammstein's first musical album.

It was released on 29 September1995.

The album's original cover depicted the bandmembers' upper bodies without clothing.

This caused critics to accuse the band of trying to sell themselves as "poster boys for the Master race." The song "Weißes Fleisch" was covered by Debauchery in 2007 on the album Back in Blood.

The songs "Heirate Mich" and "Rammstein" are featured in David Lynch's film Lost Highway.

The direct translation of "Herzeleid" is "Heartache", but according to an interview on Talking Metal's podcast in 2007, Richard Z.

stated that it does translate to "Heartache", but in the German language, it simply means "Heartbreak".

The album is a culmination of the relationship troubles of 5 of 6 band members, hence the title "Herzeleid."
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Album´s Tracks:

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