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Vincent Gallo - When

Artist:Vincent Gallo

Length:43min 11sec



Labels:Warp Records


Categories:2001 Albums · Album

Vincent Gallo - When

When is the title of an album by Vincent Gallo, released by Warp Records in 2001.

The album contains the track "I Wrote This Song For the Girl Paris Hilton" which got its name from a friend of Lukas Haas.

Gallo had yet to meet Paris Hilton but she would later appear in his short film "Honey Bunny".

The song "Yes I Am Lonely" was used in the video game Phantom Dust and is played during the ending credits of the game.

The track also appears on Phantom Dust Original Sound Tracks.

The song "So Sad" recorded during the "When" sessions but not present on the album is notable for it was released as a vinyl 12" single cut at 78 RPM (and 45 RPM on the other side).

It was limited to 300 copies.
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