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Yo La Tengo - Electr-O-Pura

Artist:Yo La Tengo

Length:1h 10min 59sec

Released:May 2nd, 1995


Labels:Matador Records


Genres:Indie Rock

Categories:1995 Albums · Album · Yo La Tengo Albums

Yo La Tengo - Electr-O-Pura

Electr-O-Pura is the seventh album by Hoboken, New Jersey indie rock group Yo La Tengo, released in 1995.

The back of the CD case gives intentionally wrong running times leading many to think the running time is around 45 minutes.

Also, it gives seemingly random alternate titles, listed in parentheses next to the primary titles, in the style of records released on the International Artists label.
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AlbumĀ“s Tracks:

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