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The Stone Roses - Turns Into Stone

Artist:The Stone Roses

Length:56min 10sec


Released:July 20th, 1992


Labels:Silvertone Records



Producers:John Leckie

Categories:1992 Albums · Album · Compilation Albums · The Stone Roses Albums

The Stone Roses - Turns Into Stone

Turns Into Stone is a compilation album by The Stone Roses released in 1992.

It consists of early singles and B-sides that did not feature on their self-titled debut album.

The compilation reached number 32 on the UK album chart.

The album's release was surrounded by controversy, as the Roses were in the middle of a legal battle with their then-record label, Silvertone.

The injunction that this case resulted in prevented the band from releasing any new material for some years afterward, in which time Silvertone re-released single after single, including two separate versions of "Fools Gold", and even taking singles from the first album which weren't even intended to be singles Despite this, the album is seen as a good thing by Roses fans because it collects some of their best-known songs onto one CD, before a best-of compilation was even viable.
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