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The Stone Roses - The Complete Stone Roses

Artist:The Stone Roses

Length:1h 13min 41sec


Released:May 15th, 1995


Labels:Silvertone Records



Producers:Martin Hannett

Categories:1995 Albums · Album · Albums Produced By John Leckie · Albums Produced By Martin Hannett · Compilation Albums · The Stone Roses Albums

The Stone Roses - The Complete Stone Roses

The Complete Stone Roses is a 1995 compilation of singles and B-sides by British indie band The Stone Roses.

It was released without the band's input by their record company Silvertone, with whom they were embroiled in a protracted legal battle to terminate their five year contract.

The album features an almost complete collection of the band's Madchester heyday recordings for the label, as well as prior releases for other labels.

However, many tracks are substantially different in quality from their original release, having been re-engineered by Silvertone, with the results garnering criticism from music journalists and fans alike.
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AlbumĀ“s Tracks:

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