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The Stone Roses - Second Coming

Artist:The Stone Roses

Length:1h 18min 34sec


Released: ·


Labels:Geffen Records


Genres:Indie Rock

Producers:Paul Shroeder · Simon Dawson

Categories:1994 Albums · Album · The Stone Roses Albums

The Stone Roses - Second Coming

Second Coming is an album released on December 5, 1994 in the UK and early 1995 in the US by The Stone Roses.

The album was released on Geffen Records.

It went platinum in the UK and sold 1 million copies worldwide.

The album was dedicated to Philip Hall, the band's publicist, who died of cancer in 1993.

It was recorded at Forge Studios in Oswestry, Shropshire and Rockfield Studios near Monmouth in Wales between 1992 and 1994.
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AlbumĀ“s Tracks:

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