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The Stone Roses - One Love

Artist:The Stone Roses

Length:11min 25sec


Labels:Silvertone Records


Producers:John Leckie

Categories:1990 Singles · Medium · The Stone Roses Songs

The Stone Roses - One Love

One Love is a non-album single by The Stone Roses.

The single was released in the UK, U.S., Australia, Germany, Japan, Spain, and France, peaking at #4 in the Roses' home country of the UK, their highest charting single up until that time.

"One Love" is also available on the 1992 compilation Turns Into Stone, and the 2002 release The Very Best of The Stone Roses.

The song has a decidedly mixed reputation among Roses fans, with some denouncing it for borrowing too much from the success of Fools Gold.

Nevertheless, the song contains vivid biblical References prevalent throughout their catalogue.

The original artwork for the single was said to have formed a swastika.

It was later used for The Complete Stone Roses.

John Squire ripped it up and used the torn pieces for the cover.

The band set fire to the ripped up artwork in the video for One Love.

The song was used in an episode of the popular British television series Shameless.

In the scene in which the song appears, Frank Gallagher is seen dancing in the pub with his shirt over his head as he is drunk and high on ecstasy.
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