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The Stone Roses - Crimson Tonight

Artist:The Stone Roses

Length:25min 10sec

Recorded:August, 1995

Released:February, 1996


Labels:Geffen Records

Genres:Indie Rock

Categories:1996 Singles · Medium · The Stone Roses Songs

The Stone Roses - Crimson Tonight

"Crimson Tonight" is an EP by The Stone Roses, released as their fourth single from Second Coming.

"Crimson Tonight" was released in the UK and Japan.

It was the last single officially released during The Stone Roses' lifetime."Crimson Tonight" was a live recording of four tracks culled from Second Coming, played during a concert at Pairc Ul Chaolmh, County Cork, Feile Festival, Republic of Ireland August 1995.
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AlbumĀ“s Tracks:

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