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The Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me

Artist:The Replacements

Length:33min 27sec

Recorded:Ardent Studios



Labels:Sire Records



Producers:Jim Dickinson

Categories:1987 Albums · Album · Albums Produced By Jim Dickinson · Sire Records Albums · The Replacements Albums

The Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me

Pleased to Meet Me is the fifth album by the Replacements.

It was released on July 7 1987 (see 1987 in music).

The album to some degree maintains the style of the previous album, and major label debut, Tim.

While the punk roots of the group were still apparent on Tim, by Pleased to Meet Me they were there more in spirit as the band delved into other genres, such as soul and cocktail jazz, alongside tracks featuring their customary hard rocking sound.

Perhaps due to the album's recording in soul music center Memphis, Tennessee or the influence of producer Jim Dickinson, the band augmented its sound with saxophone on the tracks "I Don't Know", "Nightclub Jitters", and a horn section on "Can't Hardly Wait" The album's cover art mocks the band's transition from young punks to successful musicians with a major record deal, depicting a handshake between one person clad in a suit, starched white shirt, glitzy watch and diamond ring and the other wearing a ripped workshirt.

The self-mocking tone continues on the song, "I Don't Know", with its chorus, "One foot in the door/The other one in the gutter." The color scheme of the cover art was an homage to the 1960 Elvis Presley Record G.I.

Blues in the same way the album "Hootenanny" was done to the folk album of the same name.

This album was the first and only album recorded by the band as a trio.

After Tim, Bob Stinson was either kicked out of the band or quit on his own volition due to creative differences.

Many have attributed the noticeable shift from the post-punk of Tim towards a more accessible American rock and roll sound on Pleased to Meet Me to Bob Stinson's departure.

The band recorded the demos for this album in August 1986, while Bob Stinson was still in the band .

The singles from the album were "Can't Hardly Wait", as well as "Alex Chilton" and "The Ledge" .

The album peaked at #131 on the Billboard Music Chart's Top 200.

The song Alex Chilton is playable in the game Rock Band 2.

The album was remastered and reissued by Rhino Entertainment on September 23, 2008 with 11 additional tracks.
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