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Robert Miles - 23am

Artist:Robert Miles

Length:1h 0min 57sec

Recorded:Plus XXX Studios, Paris

Released:1 December


Labels:Arista Records



Producers:Robert Miles

Categories:1997 Albums · Album · Robert Miles Albums

Robert Miles - 23am

23am is a 1997 album by composer Robert Miles.

The composition of 23am began from the Dreamland tour, during which Miles collected audio samples from every city visited.

Aside from being based on the experiences of these travels, Miles has also said that it is based on the human life cycle from birth to death.

The album also contains four vocal songs, which make up Miles's first lyrical work, written in Italian and translated into English.

The instrumental arrangements on 23am are more complex than those on the earlier Dreamland, involving real instruments such as the saxophone and trumpet as an addition to the synthesizers.

The music is also much less beat-driven; the main sections of a number of the vocal-based songs are structured like pop songs, while the segueing interludes between songs are generally structureless, with no beats at all.

The album's title was named after a message recorded by his broken answering machine.
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AlbumĀ“s Tracks:

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