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10cc - Mirror Mirror


Length:46min 18sec






Producers:Rod Gammons

Categories:10Cc Albums · 1995 Albums · Album · Albums Produced By Graham Gouldman · Albums With Cover Art By Storm Thorgerson

10cc - Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror is the 11th and last album by British pop band 10cc.

It was released in 1995 and did not chart in the UK or US.

Again featuring just two of 10cc's core band members, Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart, the album included performances by Paul McCartney on two tracks, Andrew Gold on two tracks and Rick Fenn on one track.

Mirror Mirror was more a combination of two solo albums than a conventional 10cc production.

Gouldman and Stewart played together on only one track – an acoustic reworking of their 1975 hit, "I'm Not in Love".

Songs written by Stewart, including one co-written with McCartney, were recorded in France, while Gouldman's songs, one of which was co-written with musical theatre lyricist Tim Rice and another with Gold, were recorded in London."I'm Not in Love" was one of only three songs on the album that bore a Stewart-Gouldman joint songwriting credit.

Gouldman admitted the album was "almost like two halves of an album", largely a result of the fact that he and Stewart began recording in separate countries.

"Vaguely, we intended starting off these tracks and then bring them together, finish them together, which a lot of people do," he said.

"But it never happened, we got so into what we were doing, we wanted to keep it pure.

I don’t like to say we hoodwinked the people, but you could say it’s not quite what it appears to be, and anyone with any sense, who reads the credits, could see that."One of Gouldman's songs, "Ready To Go Home", was written after the death of his father, Hyme Gouldman, in 1991.

Gouldman re-recorded the song for his 2000 album, And Another Thing..., when he observed in the liner notes: "It reflects my feelings at the time.

I suppose I was trying to put a positive slant on his passing, remembering all the things we had done together and his artistic legacy to me.

The last verse of the song best reflects my feelings on this.

This song has been recorded by many artists and remains one of my favourites.

Very emotional."
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