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10cc - Master Series


Length:1h 13min 28sec


Categories:Compilation Album Series

10cc - Master Series

Master Series is the title of a line of greatest hits albums, released in European countries primarily by PolyGram International, as well as A&M Records, Deram Records, FFRR Records, Mercury Records, and Polydor Records.

Four Master Series series of albums were released: from 1987-1990, 1996-1998, 1998-1999, and from 2003 onwards.

The covers of each series are visually unified:* 1987 series: Black background, "Master Serie" in a sans-serif typeface, the artist's name in a script typeface, a prominent red stripe, and a photo.* 1996 series: Black background, the artist's name in a serif typeface, and a collage of photos.* 1998 series: White background, "Master Series" in a script typeface, the artist's name in a sans-serif typeface, and a photo.* 2003 series: A large photo crossfading into a black background with the artist's name in a serif typeface, and "Master Serie" set against a red glow.

The 1996 series represented various bands in eclectic genres (such as New Wave) with relatively small followings, and the 1998 series included hard rock/progressive rock musicians and bands.

These series are branded with the international title Master Series.

The French title Master série is used to brand the more traditional line with a strong focus on European pop singers, which are frequently issued in multiple volumes.

Each subsequent series also reissued some albums from the previous series.In addition, some albums were reissued by Universal Music Group under the Universal Masters Collection and Millennium Edition titles.
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