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Bob Dylan - Shot of Love

Artist:Bob Dylan

Length:44min 53sec

Recorded:March–May 1981

Released:August 10th, 1981


Labels:Columbia Records


Genres:Gospel Rock

Producers:Bumps Blackwell

Categories:1981 Albums · Album · Albums Produced By Chuck Plotkin · Bob Dylan Albums · Columbia Records Albums

Bob Dylan - Shot of Love

Shot of Love is Bob Dylan's 21st studio album, released by Columbia Records in 1981.It is generally considered to be Dylan's last overtly religious, Christian album.

Also, it was his first since becoming born-again to focus on secular themes, from straight-ahead love songs to an ode to the deceased comedian Lenny Bruce.

Arrangements are rooted more in rock'n'roll, less in gospel than on Dylan's previous two albums.At the time of its release, Shot of Love received mixed reviews; Paul Nelson of Rolling Stone in particular savaged the album, though he did single out the last track, "Every Grain Of Sand," as a stand-out.

Shot of Love, while reaching UK #6, continued Dylan's US commercial decline, reaching #33 during a brief chart stay.
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Album´s Tracks:

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