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Bob Dylan - Self Portrait

Artist:Bob Dylan

Length:1h 14min 4sec


Released:June 8th, 1970


Labels:Columbia Records


Genres:Country Rock

Producers:Bob Johnston

Categories:1970 Albums · Bob Dylan Albums · Columbia Records Albums · Double Albums

Bob Dylan - Self Portrait

Self Portrait is Bob Dylan's 10th studio album, released by Columbia Records in 1970.It was Dylan's second double album, and features mostly cover versions of well-known pop and folk songs.

Also included are a handful of instrumentals, original compositions, and live tracks featuring The Band.

Most of the album is sung in the affected country crooning voice that Dylan had introduced a year earlier on Nashville Skyline.

Seen by some as intentionally surreal and even satirical at times, Self Portrait was given extremely poor reviews upon release.

The most memorable reaction was Greil Marcus' opening sentence in his Rolling Stone review: "What is this shit?" Dylan later claimed in interviews that Self Portrait was something of a joke, far below the standards he set in the 1960s, simply to get people off his back and end the "spokesman of a generation" tags; but he has also given other, contradictory accounts of his motives.

Despite the negative reception, the album quickly went gold in the US, where it hit #4, and it gave Bob Dylan yet another UK #1 hit before it fell down the charts.


com named it #1 on 'Most Monumental Album Flops'.
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Album´s Tracks:

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