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Birth Name:Harry Lillis Crosby

Date of Birth:May 3rd, 1903

Date of Death:October 14th, 1977

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Bing Crosby in trailer for Road to Singapore
Bing Crosby in trailer for Road to Singapore

Backgrounds:Solo Singer

Death Place:Madrid · Spain

Birth Place:Tacoma · United States · Washington

Occupations:Actor · Singer


Years Active:1926 - 1977

Categories:1903 Births · 1977 Deaths · Actor · American Actor-Singers · American Baritones · American Crooners · American Film Actors · American Jazz Singers · American Racehorse Owners And Breeders · American Radio Personalities · American Roman Catholics · American Singers · American Tap Dancers · Americans Of English Descent · Artist · Baseball Executives · Best Actor Academy Award Winners · Burials At Holy Cross Cemetery · California Republicans · Deaths By Myocardial Infarction · English-Language Singers · Gonzaga University Alumni · Grammy Award Winners · Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Winners · Guinness World Record Holders · Irish- American Musicians · Irish-American Musicians · Irish-Americans · Kentucky Colonels · Members Of The World Golf Hall Of Fame · Nab Hall Of Fame · Peabody Award Winners · People From Spokane · People From Spokane, Washington · People From Tacoma · People From Tacoma, Washington · Person · Singer · Traditional Pop Music Singers · Vaudeville Performers

Labels:Brunswick Records · Decca Records · RCA · Reprise Records · United Artists · Verve Records

Genres:Dixieland · Jazz · Pop Standard

Aliases:Crosby · Harry Lillis

Associated Acts:Dean Martin · Dixie Lee · Frank Sinatra · Rosemary Clooney · The Rhythm Boys

Bing Crosby

Harry Lillis “Bing” Crosby (May 3, 1903 – October 14, 1977) was an Academy Award winning American popular singer and actor whose career lasted from 1926 until his death.

One of the first multimedia stars, from 1934 to 1954 Bing Crosby held a nearly unrivaled command of record sales, radio ratings, and motion picture grosses.

He is cited among the most popular musical acts in history and is currently the most electronically recorded human voice in history.

Crosby is also credited as being the major inspiration for most of the male singers of the era that followed him, including Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, and Dean Martin.

Yank magazine recognized Crosby as the person who had done the most for American G.I.

morale during World War II and, during his peak years, around 1948, polls declared him the "most admired man alive," ahead of Jackie Robinson and Pope Pius XII.

Also during 1948, the Music Digest estimated that Crosby recordings filled more than half of the 80,000 weekly hours allocated to recorded radio music.

Clarinetist Artie Shaw described Crosby as "the first hip white person born in the United States."Crosby exerted an important influence on the development of the postwar recording industry.

In 1947, he invested US$50,000 in the Ampex company, which developed the world's first commercial reel-to-reel tape recorder, and Crosby became the first performer to pre-record his radio shows and master his commercial recordings on magnetic tape.

He gave one of the first Ampex Model 200 recorders to his friend, musician Les Paul, which led directly to Paul's invention of multitrack recording.

Along with Frank Sinatra, he was one of the principal backers behind the famous United Western Recorders studio complex in Los Angeles.In 1962, Crosby was the first person to receive the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Crosby is one of the few people to have three stars on the walk of fame

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