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Lords of Acid

Lords of Acid is a Belgian acid house band from the 1990s that started as a spinoff of Praga Khan with the controversial New Beat single "I Sit on Acid" in 1988.

Their debut album, 1991's Lust, became famous within the electronic music and dance music communities for their outrageously sexual lyrics and sound samples - perhaps their most popular song, "I Sit on Acid", begins with the a cappella lyrics "Darling, come here / fuck me up theā€¦" only to be interrupted with a grinding rave beat.

Their second album was Voodoo-U, which featured a more industrial sound.

This was followed by Our Little Secret, Heaven Is an Orgasm and Expand Your Head (1999).

In 2000 they released a more rock-influenced album entitled Farstucker and in 2003, after being in the business for fifteen years, released a greatest hits album called Greatest T*ts.

Their fans formed an online community called Children of Acid.

Lords of Acid also performed as Digital Orgasm, with a less sex-based and more rave-influenced sound.

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