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Geto Boys

Geto Boys (intentionally misspelled, although originally spelled Ghetto Boys, its originally formed name) is a hip-hop group from Houston, Texas, consisting of Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill.

The original Ghetto Boys consisted of the following members: Prince Jonny C, Sire Jukebox; DJ Reddy Red; and Little Billy, the dancer who later came to be known as Bushwick Bill.

The group released a critically acclaimed album titled Making Trouble that contained songs such as "Making Trouble", "Ghetto Boys Will Rock You", "Balls and My Word", and "Assassins and Snitches".

The group broke up shortly after and a new line-up was put together with the inclusion of Scarface and Willie D, both aspiring solo artists.

The Geto Boys earned notoriety for its lyrics dealing with violence, sex and death.

Despite the explicit content of their songs, critic Alex Henderson argues that the group "comes across as much more heartfelt than the numerous gangsta rap...

wannabes who jumped on the gangsta bandwagon in the early ’90s." The Geto Boys broke new ground with their soulful southern sound, which was produced by people like Johnny C, Doug King, and later N.O.

Joe and Mike Dean.

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