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!Action Pact!

!Action Pact! were a punk rock band, formed in 1981 as the Bad Samaritans by guitarist Wild Planet, bassist Dr.

Phibes, and drummer Joe Fungus.

Joe Fungus also played with the punk band called Savage Upsurge.

The John from Dead Mans Shadow, was the band's original lead singer.

He left the band to concentrate on D.M.S.

He was replaced by George Cheex, who got the job because of "her courage to scream along with the band's songs." Both George and Joe were 15 years old and still attending school when the Heathrow Touchdown EP was released in October, 1981.

Two of the band's contributions to the EP, "London Bouncers" and "All Purpose Action Footwear", got the attention of BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel.

He played the single many times and wanted the band to record their first session, which they did on February 22nd, 1982.

They recorded "People," "Suicide Bag", "Mindless Aggression", "Losers", and "Cowslick Blues".

The resulting demo tape caught the attention of the fledgling label Fall Out Records, which signed the band as the first act on its roster.

!Action Pact!'s label debut, the Suicide Bag EP, was released in July 1982 and rocketed to the top of the British punk chart.

The band would later be joined by drummer Grimly Fiendish and bassist Thistles, and producer Phil Langham would also moonlight on bass under the name Elvin Pelvin.

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