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Birth Name:Frank Tomiczek

Website: ·

Backgrounds:Non Performing Personnel

Origin Place:Bottrop · Germany

Years Active:Late1980s - Present

Categories:Artist · German D Js · German Djs · German House Musicians · Living People · People From Bottrop

Labels:Play It Again Sam

Genres:House · Rave

Aliases:DJ Hooligan

Da Hool

Frank Tomiczek (born in Bottrop, Germany), better known as Da Hool, is a German DJ and producer.

It was in Bottrop that he first honed his skills as a DJ, and by 1990 was an acclaimed performer in his native country.

His early tracks include "B.O.T.T.R.O.P.", "It's a Dream Song", and "Rave Nation".

In 1996, he released "Meet Her at the Love Parade", which (when re-released a year later on the German label Kosmo Records) became a worldwide hit, selling over six million copies..

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