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Backgrounds:Group Or Band

Origin Place:London · United Kingdom

Years Active:1997 - 2001 · 2006 - 2007

Categories:1990S Music Groups · 2000S Music Groups · Boy Bands · Brit Award Winners · British Pop Music Groups · Musical Groups Established In 1997 · Quintets

Labels:Sony BMG

Genres:Dance · Pop Rap · Rap Rock · Teen Pop

Past Members:Scott Robinson

Associated Acts:Abs Breen


Five (originally rendered 5ive) were a British boy band put together in 1997 by the same team that formed the Spice Girls, Bob Herbert and his son Chris.

Signed by Simon Cowell, they enjoyed fair success worldwide, but particularly in the UK, parts of Europe, Russia, parts of Asia, Brazil, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and USA.

They disbanded on September 27, 2001, after selling almost 20 million records, and having 11 top ten singles and 4 top ten albums in the UK.

The five members were Scott Robinson, Ritchie Neville, Jason 'J' Brown, Richard 'Abs' Breen and Sean Conlon.

Four of the five original members briefly reformed the group on September 27, 2006, but only 7 months after announcing a comeback, Five made an announcement via their official website they would again disband.

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