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DJ Quicksilver

DJ Quicksilver,Orhan Terzi was (born 28 June 1964, in Turkey).

Terzi when not involved in music, enjoys mountain biking, surfing and goes to fitness centres.

He found his passion for music through Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and Kraftwerk.

He later found the Belgian dance and trance productions and from being a hobby the music developed into a fulltime job.

Their first production "Bingo Bongo", which was released in the beginning of 1996, became a club hit, and reached the Top 100.

In November 1996 the success followed with the double A-sided single "I Have A Dream" / "Bellissima" and in 1997 the single "Free".

With over 650,000 singles sales, DJ Quicksilver reached place 20 at the "Most Successful Interpreters of 1997" Top 100 list.

"Bellissima" reached the Top 10 in the UK Singles Chart and sold over 400,000 copies, which meant gold status.

Their debut-album Quicksilver was successful and they reached the #22 spot on the German Album chart.In December 1997 the single "Planet Love" was released.

It became a worldwide club hit, and was on heavy rotation on VIVA and MTV.

When Tommasso De Donatis had finished building his new recording studio in the Spring of 1998, he and Orhan began working on their second album.

In November 1998 that album, Escape 2 Planet Love, was finally released.

After the release of the second album they concentrated on doing remixes for other artists, such as Faithless, Jam & Spoon.

Tommasso De Donatis also started another project called Watergate which also became popular.In 1999 they came up with the idea of "Cosmophobia", which is based on the text from H.G.

Wells' classic "War of the Worlds".

The single was released in the fall of 1999 and became a hit.

The next single up was "Ameno", this single features a sample from the Platina-single "Ameno" by the successful group ERA.

This mystic Trance-Techno mix made it to the German Top 20 Media Control Charts and developed into an international hit.

The video for the single was shot by the cult director Marcus Stenberg in Berlin.

The follow-up was also a cover, this time it was the 1995 hit by Shaggy - "Boombastic".

This single was also a success, and the video starred Shaggy himself.In March 2002 with the ECHO nomination for "Best National Dance Act" for the single "Ameno", DJ Quicksilver presented their latest project: Base Unique with a remake of the classic "Always on My Mind".

This vocal-trance record includes vocals by the singer Diana Maria.DJ Quicksilver released the 12" single entitled "New Life" on 22 November 2002.On 17 March 2003 the cd single "New Life" was released.

The double a-side single "Clubfiles One", including "Equinoxe IV" and "Rising Up", was released on 25 August 2003.DJ Quicksilver released the album Clubfiles - The Album on 29 September 2003.

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