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Backgrounds:Group Or Band

Origin Place:Cleveland · Ohio

Years Active:1998 -

Categories:American Hip Hop Groups · Ohio Musical Groups

Genres:Hip Hop · Nu Metal · Rap

Current Members:Jason Popson · Steve Felton

Associated Acts:Mushroomhead · The Alter Boys

10,000 Cadillacs

10,000 Cadillacs is a Cleveland rap group started by Jason Popson (J.

Mann) and Steve Felton of alternative metal band Mushroomhead in 1998.

At the time of Cadillac's creation Mushroomhead was still known as a nu metal band and Popson was known as the bands rapper, notably because of songs like "BWOMP" and "2nd Thoughts".

10,000 Cadillacs was inspired by the Unified Culture song 'In The Wings'.

10,000 Cadillacs actually used their song 'What The Future Brings' as a spinoff of 'In The Wings', even using some of the same lyrics.

The very first release by 10,000 Cadillacs was 'Kickin' Up Dust' on 1998's Mushroomhead Inc.


Dave Felton and Jack Kilcoyne from (216) played on the song 'Off The Rip' on the first album Reap the Whirlwind.

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