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Backgrounds:Group Or Band

Origin Place:Asia

Years Active:1995 - Present

Categories:Artist · German Musical Groups · Video Game Musicians

Labels:Avex Trax · Sony BMG · Universal

Genres:Classical · Dance · Pop · Rap · Rock


Sweetbox, is a pop music project that was formed in 1995 by executive producer Heiko Schmidt and music producer Roberto "Geo" Rosan.

The music project first became famous with the singer Kimberly Kearney and the song "Booyah, here we go" in summer 1995.

Followed by the hitsingle "Shakalaka" in 1996, the project was represented then by singer Dacia Bridges.

In 1997 the global success started with rapper/singer Tina Harris and the single "Everything's gonna be alright" who was top 5 in the most countries in the world and number 1 on the worldwide radio charts for more then 10 weeks.

In 2000, Jade Villalon joined the project and became the lead singer until 2006.

In 2007 Roberto "Geo" Rosan left the project and Executive Producer Heiko Schmidt hired Jamie Pineda, to be the next successful singer for this music project.

The next album called "The next generation" will be released end of 2008.

Although generally belonging to the pop genre, Sweetbox incorporates many other sounds in its music, such as classical, rock, dance, rap, R'nB, soul, acoustic and country.

To date, Sweetbox have sold over 3 million albums and 2 million singles worldwide.

Sweetbox is widely noted in video gaming culture as being the singer of the English dubbed songs of "Real Emotion" and "1000 Words" which appeared in the popular video game Final Fantasy X-2.

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