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Prozzäk was a pop music side project by two members of the Canadian band The Philosopher Kings, James McCollum and Jason Levine, conceived as a lighthearted mockery of their own romantic troubles.

They created the characters of Simon, who sang in a mock-European accent about his failed romances, and Milo, who was his best friend and mentor in his search for true love; they starred together in a number of popular animated music videos.

Their greatest success came after their hit song, "Sucks To Be You".

Their first two albums did respectably well in Canada, but Cruel, Cruel World was virtually ignored.

The band was no longer signed to a major record label, therefore the album received little, if any, promotion.

Simon and Milo's image changed for Cruel, Cruel World; the duo becoming more melancholy.

They have released four CDs: Hot Show (1998), Saturday People, Ready Ready Set Go, and Cruel Cruel World Ready Ready Set Go was a mix of the first two with one new song "Get A Clue" made for the Disney Channel movie of the same name, released under the name Simon & Milo.

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