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Zebda is a French music group from Toulouse.

The group consists of seven musicians who met for the first time in 1985.

The musicians are: Magyd Cherfi, vocals Pascal Cabero, guitar Joël Saurin, bass Hakim Amokrane, vocals Mustapha Amokrane, vocals Vincent Sauvage, drums Rémi Sanchez, keyboard and accordionThe name of the group, the Arabic word for butter (or beurre in French), is a play on the use of the word beur in French slang to refer to Arabs.

Several of the group's members are of North African descent.

Their music is influenced by these roots as well as music from all over the world, for example reggae, rap, raï and rock, and their lyrics deal with issues affecting the Arab population in France.

They are best known in France for their single "Tomber la chemise".

Their supporters claim that, unlike other immigrant musicians in France, they don't advocate fighting for social equality, but instead doing something about it.

In March 2001 their political movement, called Motivé-e-s, won four seats on the city council with 12.38% of the vote.

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