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Backgrounds:Group Or Band

Origin Place:Aragon · Spain · Zaragoza

Years Active:1984 - 1996 · 2007

Categories:Artist · Spanish Musical Groups


Genres:Alternative Rock · Gothic Rock · Hard Rock

Current Members:Enrique Bunbury

Héroes del Silencio

Héroes del Silencio (sometimes referred to as just Héroes) is a Spanish rock band from Zaragoza formed by Juan Valdivia.

In the 1990s they experienced success around Spain and the Americas, and various European countries including Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Portugal becoming a successful Spanish group and a fact in the history of the Rock en Español scene.

After ten years and numerous albums, the band broke up in 1997.

In 2007, as part of a 20-year anniversary celebration and 10 years after their break-up, they participated in a 10-concert world tour.

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