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Date of Disestablishment:December 0th, 2005

Website: ·

Paul SimmonsJohn SchlittBob HartmanGreg Bailey
Paul SimmonsJohn SchlittBob HartmanGreg Bailey

Backgrounds:Group Or Band

Origin Place:Fort Wayne · Indiana · United States

Years Active:1972 - 2006

Categories:Christian Rock Groups · Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductees · Grammy Award Winners

Labels:DaySpring Records · Inpop Records · Myrrh Records · Star Song Communications · Word Records

Genres:Christian Rock · Country Rock · Hard Rock · Heavy Metal · Progressive Rock

Current Members:Bob Hartman · John Schlitt · Paul Simmons

Past Members:Petra


Petra was a prominent Christian rock band, regarded by many as a pioneer of the Christian rock and of the Contemporary Christian music genres.

Petra was formed in 1972, in Fort Wayne, Indiana by Bob Hartman, Greg Hough and John DeGroff while they were students of the Christian Training Center.

The name of the band comes from the Greek word for "rock, massive".

With a style initially compared to bands like The Eagles and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Petra's sound evolved into a more energetic, driving rock sound in the early 80s.

The late 80s and the early 90s was a successful period for the band, when it was considered the best-known, best-selling Christian band.

It released two RIAA Gold-certified albums during this period.

With their music and style, Petra influenced other Christian artists at times when Christian rock was considered "inadequate" by many.

There was strong opposition from within the churches when Petra began its career.

The band continued to experience this opposition through the years.

For more than three decades the band showed stability despite changes in genre, and released 24 albums, selling nearly 10 million copies.

It won 4 Grammys and 10 Dove Awards.

The band reached the #1 position on five CCM Update radio and retail charts simultaneously.

Also, it was the first band to win more than 20 CCM Magazine Reader's Poll Awards, which were won in every category of eligibility.

Petra was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and was the first Christian band to be inducted into the Hard Rock Cafe.

The band toured around the world playing in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia.

Through numerous line-up changes, Petra maintained its commitment to preaching the Gospel through music.On May 24, 2005, guitarist, founder, and songwriter Bob Hartman announced that the band would be retiring.

The band then launched the Farewell tour, which included many songs from the last studio release, Jekyll and Hyde, and other songs from older albums.

The band members recorded one of their final performances, in Franklin, Tennessee, to release as Petra's last album, Farewell, which was released in November, 2005.

The DVD of the live performance was released in March 2006.

Petra finished its 33-year long career with a final performance in the early hours of January 1, 2006 in Murphy, North Carolina.

Band members reunited for a single concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 2007-12-01.

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