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HiM is a dub influenced post-rock group formed in 1995 by Doug Scharin, drummer for the bands Codeine, Rex and June of 44.

Their first album, Egg, was their most dub-based effort.

Each successive album has gone more in a quasi-world music direction.

After some recording for Crooklyn Dub Consortium and Wordsound, HiM settled on a lineup of Scharin with Bundy K.

Brown, Rob Mazurek and Jeff Parker, also members or sometime members of Tortoise.

Their first album was the underground hit Sworn Eyes, produced by Teo Macero.

A few personnel changes followed, and the revamped lineup released Our Point of Departure in 1999, which signified a very clear shift toward a more jazz-like sound, followed by a major American and European tour.

In 2003, HiM released Many In High Places Are Not Well on Fat Cat Records, which was received as their most successful and fully-realized release.

Peoples was released in mid-2006, featuring a cleaner sound with more vocals than any of HiM's previous releases.

Included in this line-up are Martin Perna and Jordan McLean from Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Griffin Rodriguez from Need New Body, Adam Pierce (Mice Parade).

The latest HiM record, released in January 2008, is a collaboration between Doug Scharin, Josh Larue and the Tokyo based group, Ultra Living.

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