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Backgrounds:Group Or Band

Years Active:1980 - Present

Categories:Artist · Scottish Musical Groups

Genres:Adult Contemporary · Pop Rock · Powerpop

Current Members:Justin Currie

Past Members:Mark Price

Del Amitri

Del Amitri are a Scottish pop-rock guitar band, formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 1980.

The band grew out of Justin Currie's Jordanhill College School band and came together after teenager Currie placed an advert in the window of a music store asking for people who could play to contact him.

The band was formed with the original line-up of Currie (bass and vocals), Iain Harvie, Bryan Tolland and Paul Tyagi (drums).

Currie and Harvie were the only members of the band to remain present throughout its history – they were also the main songwriters of the group.

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