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The Faint

The Faint is a dance-punk/new wave band.

Formed in Omaha, Nebraska, the band consists of Todd Fink, Jacob Thiele, Dapose, Joel Petersen and Clark Baechle.

The Faint was originally known as Norman Bailer and included Conor Oberst, of Bright Eyes, with whom the Faint toured in 2005.

He quit shortly after the band was formed, though the Faint continued to share a spot with Bright Eyes on Saddle Creek Records.

Growing up, Fink, Petersen, and Baechle skateboarded in their free-time until Fink developed knee problems, which shifted their hobbies towards making music.

The band originally consisted of Clark Baechle, Todd Fink, and Joel Petersen.

They signed to Saddle Creek Records and released a few singles, but were unable to establish widespread sales.

After adding Matt Bowen, the Faint released Media.

While touring, Bowen left and was replaced by Jacob Thiele.

The next album, Blank-Wave Arcade, had a more dance and techno influenced sound.

The album was an underground hit.

Partway through the creation of the Danse Macabre, the Faint added Dapose, a death metal guitarist formerly of LEAD.

Their next album, released in 2004, is called Wet from Birth.In May 2008 The Faint announced that they had split from Saddle Creek and that their fifth studio album would be self released under their own blank.

wav imprint.

The album, entitled Fasciinatiion was released on August 5th 2008 in the U.S.

The first single from the album is The Geeks Were Right.

There are currently no other plans to release other artists on blank.


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