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Baha Men

Baha Men is the name of a pop group from The Bahamas that plays a modernized style of Bahamian folk music called Junkanoo.

The group's debut, Junkanoo, was released in 1992, and was very traditional in its sound.

They soon began aiming their music at a more mainstream audience, however, and finally succeeded with 2000's remake of "Who Let the Dogs Out?" originally composed by Anslem Douglas; although they faded back into obscurity soon thereafter.

Their most recent album was Holla! from 2004.

Baha Men has also won a Grammy Award in 2000 for Best Dance Recording for "Who Let the Dogs Out?".In the same year they won a Billboard Music Award for World Music Artist of the Year and World Music Album of the Year.In 2002 they won a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Favorite Band and Favorite Song.

The Baha Men were one of the many artists to record a song on the album DisneyMania and two of its four sequels.

On the first DisneyMania, they recorded "Hakuna Matata" from The Lion King.

On DisneyMania 2, they recorded the famous song "It's a Small World" from the Disney park attraction of the same name.

They were absent from DisneyMania 3, though they returned for DisneyMania 4, recording their take on the song "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" from Lilo and Stitch entitled "Bahaman Roller Coaster Ride." A number of their songs have used in major motion pictures such as: Rugrats In Paris, Miss Congeniality, Rat Race, and ' starring Gerard Depardieu and Katherine Heigl.

Despite rumors of their true origin they are from, and formed in, the Bahamas.

The Baha Men have not made any news of a new CD, or any news for that matter, since their last album Holla!.

In June 2008, their song "Who Let the Dogs Out?" was discussed on I Love the New Millennium.

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