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Douglas Spotted Eagle

Douglas Spotted Eagle is a Grammy-winning musician, noted for his live and recorded performances on the traditional Native American flute, sometimes accompanied by either traditional Navajo (Diné) singers and instrumentalists or a modern band.

He calls his music "modern ethnic", as it mixes jazz, new age, pop, and world beat with Native American music.

Spotted Eagle received a Grammy Award for his production of Gathering of Nations Powwow, and along with numerous collaborations has released 13 albums under his own name.

He was raised in Valley Junction, Iowa, and has been building flutes since he was 12 years old, and he performed traditional music as well as being a guitarist for a popular rock and roll band after his family moved to Salt Lake City, Utah.

He is married to a Diné woman from Sweetwater, Utah.

Spotted Eagle currently lives in Stockton, Utah and works in support of youth anti-drug causes as well as being involved in the prevention of child abuse.

Douglas is also involved in the field of video production and regularly writes articles for Videography, Studio, DMN, Creative COW, other magazines, VASST and tours doing training for Adobe, Apple, Sony Media Software.

His interests outside of music and video production appear to include skydiving.

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